Flickerless flames

Our article about suppression of flame flickering under normal gravity and atmospheric pressure has been featured in the American Physical Society and the New Scientist magazine. The research reveals that no flame flickering in two candle-like flames appears in the critical distance between the two flames.

New Technique Generates Non-Flickering Flames | American Physical Society

Flickering flames are more unstable. Researchers have come up with a novel way to keep them still.

Flames that don't flicker could make engines more efficient | New Scientist

Producing flickerless flames usually requires artificially low pressure or gravity. Researchers have now come up with a method that works in standard condition…

Flame Flickering can Cease Under Normal Gravity and Atmospheric Pressure in a Horizontally Moving Dual Burner System
Xiaoyu Ju, Anek Bunkwang, Takuya Yamazaki, Tsuneyoshi Matsuoka, and Yuji Nakamura
Physical Review Applied 19, 014060